These general conditions of sale govern all relations between: ®
No. tel. Customer Service:  +34 653 200 200
and Internet customers, from now ("Customer").
Before any transaction, the customer recognizes and declares know accept these conditions from the time they click the Agree button.
1 / Special Conditions of Sale
Customer acknowledges know, at the time of placing the order, the special conditions of sale indicated on the screen (name, price of parts, weight, quantity, color, product details, etc.) And expressly accept them without reservation. The placement of the order and its confirmation by the client materialize full and complete acceptance of the terms of sale.
2 / Order
The customer places the order by clicking on the "add to cart". The order is added to a total that includes all items confirmed by the customer to click on the "I accept the general conditions of sale and make the payment."
3 / Confirmation Order ® confirms acceptance of your order to the customer via email. The sale does not end until ® confirm the order. ® reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason in particular as providing products, a problem concerning the order received, order foreseeable abnormal or problem regarding delivery. ® will inform the customer.
No new orders can be made until the customer has paid the sums due in respect of the previous orders. Also, ownership of the goods is not transferred completely until ® receives sums due from the customer.
4 / conditions of delivery of orders
The customer will choose the place of receipt of the goods at the time of ordering. ® reserves the right to use all means necessary to make delivery of the goods at the address given by the customer.
From 50 kg shipments will be made by conventional transport truck and will inform the customer of the delivery time and shipping cost.
5 / Delivery
Deliveries will be made within a maximum of 2-7 days. If an item is not in stock at the time of order, we will know and we will confirm the date it will be available again. Delivery costs are borne by the recipient.
Except for shipments of over 50 kg to notify the customer the delivery time.
6 / delivery costs and receiving orders
You can check prices in the Delivery section.
From 50 kg shipments will be made by conventional transport truck and will inform the customer of the delivery time and shipping cost.
When ordering, the customer agrees to sign the receipt sheet submitted by the person making the delivery, which may include any comments deemed necessary. By signing the receipt sheet, the client acknowledges receipt of the number of packages stated therein. If the client observes damaged products or lack of products, must make a claim in Customer Service by e-mail to, ®, Ezcaba street No 17 - 1st Q CP: 31013 Ansoain / Spain, within a maximum of three days.
All events such as force majeure, casualty, strike, administrative decision or transport strike which delays, prevents or causes the supply is exorbitant, is, by express agreement, a clause of suspension or termination of the obligations of Tupiezademoto. com ®, without compensation for the benefit of the client if the event takes place over 30 days. In these circumstances, release the client, completely and automatically, their obligations regarding your order. ® inform the customer through any suitable means and the same day the event occurs so that it can freely cancel their orders by e-mail response once notified the event.
Where delivery of the goods to the customer can not be made due to the latter, ® reserves the right to invoice preparation costs about € 20.
7 / Shipping Company
Deliveries will be made by the courier company or similar GLS, during normal business hours. Select shipping address for someone to receive the package.
8 / Price
All prices are in Euros. The price for the customer is the price indicated in the order confirmation sent by ®. The payment of the products is carried bank transfer, Paypal or credit card on a secure server environment of our supplier. The charge on the customer's credit card will be made at the time of placing the order. ® retains ownership of the goods until the customer pays the full price of the products.
9 / Sheet Products
Photographs showing the products are provided for information only. The differences between pictures and products can only be minimal and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The color of the products in the online store may differ from the actual product color.
10 / Payment
The products ordered will be delivered after your payment by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.
11 / Private Information Security ® protects your private information. Personal data collected during connection to our commercial site will be used only to treat your order. We will not sell, lease or disclose your personal information to any person (or anyone else).
12 / Request Info
When ordering through the site,,,, consent to use personal data ® about you, provided by you or collected through the operation of the site. These data (names, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number with expiration date, etc ...) are necessary for us to address your requests.
13 / Intellectual Property
When connected to the Internet site created by ®, owner of all intellectual property rights, the customer may not copy or download all or part of its contents, without the express prior authorization of ® .
14 / Contact Us
If you have questions about products ® or any questions about your order:
• email us at
• or call us on  +34 653 200 200 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.
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